Saturday, May 7, 2011

30 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day 2011

The consensus from our recent poll confirms: Mothers Deserve More Than a Day --- Mothers should be honored throughout the month of May! This would reduce the pressure on children of all ages, who along with Mom - would like to recognize grand-mom and in some cases great-grandmother (if you are lucky to still have them around). In addition, due to the ever changing family dynamics step-mom, like-a-mom, special aunt or sister may also hold a special place in your heart on Mother’s Day. How much can you do in just one day?
Well, we are here to help you during the month of May – select 1, 3, 5, 7 or more ways to honor Mom and/or the Mother figures in your life. After all, Mothers Deserve More Than a Day!

1. Create a Song in Her Honor
2. Send Mom a Handwritten note each Monday for 4 weeks
3. Let her Sleep-in until noon – serve her a special "Mombrunch"
4. Spend at least 2 Uninterrupted Hours with Mom
5. Update Mom’s Room
6. Create a Memory Basket
7. Send Mom a Gift-card to her Favorite Restaurant
8. Share your favorite Childhood/Adulthood memory with Mom
9. Host a Breakfast in Honor of Mom
10. Update Mom’s Wardrobe
11. Send Mom a Talking Card - How much I Love You, Why I love You, Etc.
12. Host a Tasting Party in honor of Mom – invite a few of her friends
13. Make a Quilt Memento
14. Spend the day at a local park, garden or museum with Mom
15. Make a CD of Mom’s Favorite Songs
16. Schedule a Spa Day with Mom
17. Create a Special YouTube Video In Honor of Mom
18. Spend the Entire Day with Mom
19. Bake Cookies with Mom
20. Host a Post Mother’s Day Party for Mom and her friends
21. Plant a Flower Garden with Mom
22. Write a Love Letter to Mom
23. Watch family Movies with Mom
24. Create a YouTube Video – "Mother of My Lifetime Award 2011"
25. Create a Photo Collage – sentimental photos through the years
26. Give Mom a Gift Card to her Favorite Super Market
27. Write a Forgiveness Letter – if there are some unresolved issues
28. Send Mom Flowers on the last Day in May
29. Host a Mother Daughter PJ Party
30. Attend a Service with Mom at her place of Worship

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