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6 Ways Childless by Choice “Mother Figures” Can Celebrate Mother’s Day


In her circle of friends, Kathy can easily identify over seven Childless by Choice “Mother Figures”.  These women can be placed in five categories, which we will review later in this article. Like Kathy, they are successful, loving and play a significant “Mother Figure” role to many children in their lives.  They are sometimes invited to share Mother’s Day with their sister friends who are biological/adoptive parents.   However, in their selfless manner, these women prefer not to impose and simply choose to stay at home all alone.   Here is a profile of Kathy and her friends:  Which of Kathy’s friends resonate with you?

 Childless by Choice & Happily Single:
You made a conscious decision to live happily single and not to become a mother.  You are a wonderful, loving successful woman - great career, business owner, etc.  Although you have been in many relationships, none were worthy of you to become Mrs. ___________.

Childless by Choice Never Married:
You always dreamt of having a husband, home and children.  Each relationship you kept hoping he would be the “One”.  Life has continued, you are now over 40 and Mr. Right has not arrived.

Childless by Choice – Divorced Step Mom:  
By the time you got married, your self-imposed biological clock had stopped. You married a man with children and decided to be the best Mother Figure possible. Currently divorced from their father- he was no longer worthy of you. You raised his children with unconditional love, the chapter was been written and his children are no longer a part of your life.

Childless by Choice – Miles Apart from Your Mom:
You moved away from your hometown many years ago.  You return home at least once per year, however usually not on Mother’s Day. Your Mom knows that each year you call, send flowers, gifts and more. 

Childless by Choice – Mother has Passed On:
Childless by Choice, you are perfectly happy and content.  Throughout the years and especially on Mother’s Day, you did special things with and for your mom.  Now she’s gone, you are childless and feel all alone.  Regardless if this is the first or many years that your mom has passed, Mother’s Day simply has taken on another meaning. 

Of course, there are millions for Childless by Choice, Mother Figures like Kathy and you.  After all, you take pride in your caring, nurturing and meticulous role as: Mother Figure, Like a Mom, Favorite Aunt, Godmother, Mentor, and more. So what should you do this Mother’s Day 2011?  ---Celebrate You! Call several of your Childless by Choice girlfriends and host one of these great events:
·         Childless by Choice “Mother Figure” Brunch – at a local restaurant or at your home.
·         Childless by Choice “Mother Figure” Getaway – a day trip or overnight trip to see a play
·         Childless by Choice “Mother Figure”  Pajama Party – a your home or local hotel
·         Childless by Choice “Mother Figure” City Tour – visit tourist attractions in your city
·         Childless by Choice  “Mother Figure” Day Escape – at a Spa, Park, or Art Exhibit

About the Author - Childless by Choice -  Mother has Passed On: Alisa L. Oglesby, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, consultant and author. Alisa is the president of OMG WomenUnited® and ALO WomenUnited®, organizations dedicated to motivate, empower and inspire women experiencing “seemingly” loss to reach within and let their “Best Journey Begin”. Alisa shares her story in the newly released anthology book “Empowering Transformations for Women” – 40 True Stories of Purpose, Faith and Action.

This powerful “Handbook of Hindsight” guides women through their ever-unfolding personal and professional life.  Alisa is an expert in the area of “Boomer” issues personally as well as  entrepreneurially - she a co-founder/owner of a homecare agency in the southern New Jersey.  Alisa also applies her 25 years in sales, marketing, customer service and business development with Fortune 100 companies in the automotive, insurance and pharmaceutical industries to deliver powerful messages to multicultural and multigenerational women throughout the country.
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