Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do you have “Other Mothers” to Honor this Mother’s Day? Well you are not alone….

A lot has changed since 1908, when Mother’s Day was started. Over, this 103 year period our definition of family and especially Mother has consistently changed and continues to evolve. Many families today are headed by single women. Others are second and even third marriages for one or both parties including children from previous relationships. Some are Childless by Choice women who end up marrying men with children and become outstanding “Other Mothers”.  A major change, some families are made up of same sex parents and their children. 
One thing for sure, in addition to our mother, grandmothers, and sisters, there are many other females who believed in us, gave us words of wisdom and encouragement when familial relationships were unwilling and/or incapable.  These women are our girlfriends, BFF’s, cousins, neighbors, mentors and in some cases, our best-friend’s mother whom we love all so dearly and want to honor them on their special day.  We have even created special names for these wonderful women:
Grandmother, Grandma, Nana, Gma, Gigi: If you are blessed to still have her, be sure to honor the matriarch of your family. She has shared many inspiring stories of the past.  She is a walking history book.  

Stepmom, Like a Mom, Bonus Mom, Mom2: She married your father and you become her bonus child in a blended family if she as children of her own.  Or she was Childless by Choice, but openly accepted you and your siblings, adding a dimension of Motherly advice and understanding by nature of her gender.
Aunts, Cousins, Sisters-Friends Mentors, BFF, and Best friend’s Mother:  At one time or another they were there giving you advice, standing by your side, when you felt all alone.   For those whose mother has passed on, they stepped up to show their love and support for you during your most trying times.

Every May, you spend hours thinking about the perfect gift for each of your Mom and “Other Mothers” and the many other Wonderful Women in your life.   This year we are here to help you save time and energy,  give the gift of love, encouragement, inspiration and empowerment,  the anthology book, Empowering Transformations for Women,  40 ordinary women with 40 Powerful stories, a must read for women of all generations and purpose in your life. 
You can order your copies today, at for only $19.95 plus shipping. A complimentary bookmark for the co-author will be included for each book. In addition,   we will be honored to sign with book for your Mother, “Other Mothers” simply indicate her name or your special name for her!

Rest assured, she will enjoy reading this multigenerational anthology book by 40 ordinary women, with 40 Powerful stories of Love, Triumph, Purpose and Joy.  Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers and Other Mothers!

About the Author: Alisa L. Oglesby, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, consultant and author. Alisa is the president of OMG WomenUnited® and ALO WomenUnited®, organizations dedicated to motivate, empower and inspire women experiencing “seemingly” loss to reach within and let their “Best Journey Begin”. Alisa shares her story in the newly released anthology book Empowering Transformations for Women – 40 True Stories of Purpose, Faith and Action.
This powerful “Handbook of Hindsight” guides women through their ever-unfolding personal and professional life.  Alisa is an expert in the area of “Boomer” issues personally and entrepreneurially - she a co-founder/owner of a homecare agency in the southern New Jersey.  Alisa also applies her 25 years in sales, marketing, customer service and business development with Fortune 100 companies in the automotive, insurance and pharmaceutical industries to deliver powerful messages to multicultural and multigenerational women throughout the country.
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